How To Decorate A Designer Christmas Tree

Your ultimate guide on how to decorate a designer Christmas tree.

Today, we are going to show you how to decorate a designer Christmas tree this 2021 season.

It is without a doubt a designer Christmas tree possess a level of grandiose atmosphere and sophistication that quite literally gets everyone in the room talking. Today, we will walk you step by step on how to decorate the perfect designer Christmas tree, or transform your already existing christmas tree into a designer Christmas tree. Whatever vibe you’re looking for this holiday season, we hope we inspire you with these designer Christmas tree ideas.

How To Decorate A Designer Christmas Tree

Step 1. Picking a theme and having a colour palette.

Whenever someone thinks of a glamorous, designer tree, colours like gold and silver automatically come to mind. These colours are widely popular and are the perfect embodiment of Christmas.

To decorate a designer Christmas tree, we recommend your main base of your colour palette to be gold. Meaning, gold baubles, gold decorations, gold ribbons, gold wrapping paper, and all of that good stuff. Since gold is your main colour, you can then add to it, like adding little specs of silver, white, green, blue, whichever finds your fancy.

Step 2. Invest in a full, good quality tree.

Whether it’s artificial or real, be sure to invest in a Christmas tree that has a lot of fullness and volume. We have tried and tested some Christmas trees in the past and here are the best, full Christmas trees we have picked out for you. These Christmas trees are the ultimate investment and can last you for many years to come.

Shop Full Christmas Trees:

Step 3. Ribbons, and lots of ’em.

Here we have picked out for you the best Christmas ribbons on Amazon (pack of 3 and 6) to go with your designer Christmas trees. These ribbons are about 10 yards each, and you get them in sets, so they’re perfect to decorate a full tree.

Shop Christmas Tree Ribbons:

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For a detailed step by step on how to decorate your Christmas tree using ribbons, watch the video below. He teaches you simple steps on how to use ribbons to accentuate your tree, making it fuller, and more glamorous – the perfect embodiment of a designer Christmas tree.

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