What I Wore To Ladureè, The Best Macarons In Paris

What’s a true Parisian experience if you haven’t indulged in macarons?

I was eager to get my hands on some today, as it is was on my bucket list for Paris.

I strolled down the city centre, my heart open to enjoying more of what Paris had to offer, from it’s pastries, to its food, and it’s culture.

I stumbled across one of Paris’s notorious pastry shops: Ladureé. Outside stood a queue of people waiting to get their hands on this delicacy. “We’re in for a treat. If this many people are queueing, it must be good”, one of my close friends said to me as we arrived.

I sunk my teeth into freshly baked macarons. The pretentious firmy exterior broke into controlled pieces and the interior melted into my mouth.

I bought a box of 4, available in 4 different flavours. Coffee, orange, vanilla and strawberry. A holy matrimony. Each macaron had a burst of iridescent flavour that I savoured intensely.

My first experience of trying macarons, I will never forget.

This Parisian pastry, one that I’ve seen heavily flaunted on social media truly lived up to its expectation. Today, I stepped out in my yellow iridescent yellow Chanel classic flap bag, Air Jordan 4s, white ensemble from ZARA, and I spent my afternoon visiting the best macarons shop in Paris, Ladureè. They are the sweetest and fluffiest pastry I have ever tasted in a while. Hands down, macarons at Ladureè are a hands down experience to have in Paris.

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