Which Bottega Veneta Bag Is For You Quiz?

Tiffany Hsu via. Pinterest

Take this fashion quiz to find out which Bottega Veneta bag is for you! Choose from colour, size, style choices, skin & under tones and occasions to find out which Bottega Veneta bag will be perfect for you to invest in!

  • Question of

    What do you like to pack in your bag?

    • Everything: makeup, my phone, food, my credit cards, a drink, books, a scarf, maybe some spf.
    • I pack light. A lipstick, my phone & keys, and that’s it. I’ve got Apple Pay anyway!
    • The essentials. Some makeup, my credit cards, my phone, and my keys.
    • Just my phone.
  • Question of

    Which colours do you tend to wear often?

    • Neutrals (beige, cream, white)
    • Bright colours (green, pink, orange)
    • Dark Colours (black, brown, grey)
    • Pastels (powder blue, petal pinks, etc)
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    What size of bags do you often wear?

    • Big tote Bags
    • Medium shoulder bags
    • Small bags
      sourced via. infashiondaily
    • Mini bags
      Via. Teen Vogue
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    Which of these outfits do you prefer?

    • Colourful
      via. @nlmarilyn
    • Casual
      via. @cassdimicco
    • Neutral
    • Denim

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