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My Crazy Adventure On A Mountain Side Infinity Pool

Say it with me: “I never want summer to end”. I never want summer to end because of the longer days, brighter nights.

I never want summer to end because warm temperatures that bring me great joy. I never want summer to end because of the holidays, get-together with friends dining in a private island with friends, good wine, overlooking the sundown; the social atmosphere, filled with laughter and joy.

I never want summer to end so I can go to the beach. And I sure as hell don’t want summer to end so i can wear my damn bikinis.

From all the work i’ve been overwhelmed with lately, I decided to take a break. During the weekend, I road tripped with friends to the mountains. During our adventure, we stumbled across an infinity pool with an unbeatable view.

Okay, you got me, who wears a bikini to climb a mountain? We didn’t exact stumble across this pool, we knew where we were going hence why I packed my bikini & suncream.

The stuning view overlooked the mountains and the coast, giving us a 360 view of the whole mountain top. The water was warm, the temperature was 20 degrees, my San Holo alternative playlist took us to a whole new realm of relaxation.

I wore a black ruched bikini, black bikini bottoms, and a burgundy polka swimming skirt as a cute cover up. We popped a small bottle of Prosecco and simply marvelled at the view.

I took some selfies while I watched the immense waterfall. This time last week I was swarmed with work, emails, deadlines and I was thankful to be away from it all. These days I’m starting to realise how important it is to take breaks and reward yourself with little getaways once in a while.

We spent a few hours in the pool, and then dried off with my John Galliano towel. I threw on my normal clothes, and then booked dinner for 3 friends for 8pm. We dined at an American steakhouse diner, where the steak was cooked in front of us.

We ordered a bottle of wine and laughed the night away. I was super grateful to God to be able to create special moments like this, and look forward to many more to come.

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