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Monte Carlo Outfit: How I Styled My Orange Hermes Birkin

“Orange you glad you met me”, I feel my birkin would tell me if it could speak.

I arrived at Monte Carlo on a Wednesday morning with my new baby birkin, which I scored in Paris a few months ago.

My first impression of Monte Carlo (the tiny but luxurious city in Monaco) was ‘fast cars and even faster transactions’, because as soon as you land in the city, be ready to spend some money. I’ve never paid 10 euros for a bottle of coke before, but in Monte Carlo, somehow, that’s the norm.

The streets leading to the casino was busy in the morning, as I’m sure everyone had the same idea to arrive at the casino early for a decent selfie before it got crowded. Amongst the street were designer shops like Hermes, Balenciaga, Céline, Cartier, Dolce Gabbana and many more.

There’s a gorgeous garden, and in front of it was a water fountain. From there you could see the grandiloquent view of the casino. Along the casino were luxury supercars parked on the streets – to name a few – Gold plated Lamborghinis Urus, multiple Ferraris, Bugattis, Maserati, and more.

For my Monte Carlo trip, I wore an orange halter neck dress from Zara, paired with my Hermès orange birkin 25cm, and Hermès white oran sandals. I wrote about how I scored my Hermès birkin in Paris for my birthday which you can read about here. 

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    1. I am reading throughout and the views were Amazing the place itself looks amazing and the way you styled up for the day in halter neck dress from Zara and the Hermes bag paired with it and shades looks 💯 perfect loved the look ✨


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