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Your Ultimate Guide To Buying An Hermès Mini Kelly Bag

Trust us to have scoured the internet to find you the best, authentic online retailers that sell Hermès Mini Kelly 20cm bags; including price details of 2024, mini Kelly unboxing, what it fits, style tips and more.

But first, let’s dive into the history of these iconic bags.

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History of the Mini Kelly

The Hermes Mini Kelly is a classic Kelly bag, shrunk down to 20cm. As the mini bag trend grows, so did the demand for smaller bags, which Hermes diligently delivered on.

The Hermès Mini Kelly bags are made in the Sellier style, thus, they have more structure to them, also includes an optional shoulder strap. They come in a variety of leather options, to name a few: epsom, box, chèvre and even exotics like croc.

Around May this year, I took a trip to Paris for my birthday where I scored an orange Hermes birkin 25cm, which I shared with you guys, and also took on my trip to Monte Carlo this summer. During my appointment with my sales associate at the Hermes store in Paris, I inquired about some mini Kellys, which she shared the prices with me.

Hermes mini kelly
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The demand for smaller bags has been growing for a hot minute. The Hermes Mini Kelly bag does not shy away from it. It has become one of the most sought after bags on the planet.

What size is the Hermès mini Kelly?

The Hermes mini Kelly measures 20cm at the bottom, and gets narrower at the top. It is a relatively small bag that surprisingly holds all of your essentials.

Hermès mini Kelly pictured below for size reference.

Benita in Paris 2022
Click here to read about my look
Hermès Mini Kelly size

What fits in the Hermès Mini Kelly?

Customary to the fact is is a small bag, it surprisingly fits a lot of things. The mini Kelly can fit an iPhone 12 Pro max, my Louis Vuitton card holder, 1 or 2 lipsticks, my keys, and even AirPods. Additionally, it can also fit my hand sanitiser or makeup mirror, depends – it basically fits all of your essentials, and then some.

what fits in hermes mini kelly
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what fits in mini kelly
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These are my usual essentials on a day to day. Most of the time, I don’t actually take a wallet/purse with me as I usually pay with my phone, but just for references, I have put these items in my Hermes mini Kelly 20cm to show you a measure to what it fits.

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A Video Of What Fits In Hermès mini Kelly 20cm

What Makes The Hermès Mini Kelly 20cm So Special?

It first came out in 1892 and was revisited in 1935. The new version was smaller in size and boasted more feminine curves. The design met with resounding success. The epic saga of the design came to a decisive crossroads in the year 1958. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, as she exited an airplane, used that very bag to attempt to hide her pregnant belly. It was soon renamed the Kelly and went on to become a symbol of inaccessible, highly-coveted luxury. In response to the needs and desires of women everywhere, a mini version of the Kelly design was eventually launched. It thus transformed into a more practical compact bag, which could be worn across the body.

A Very Therapeutic Hermes mini Kelly Unboxing


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Perhaps, you’re holidaying this summer or have dinner or events booked. There is no occasion the Hermes mini Kelly bag isn’t made for.

Hermès mini Kelly, with a view

Wear it crossbody over your ensemble, paired with trainers, boots, or sandals for a day out. For an evening, wear some heels and accessorise your look with the matching hardware on your Hermès bag (e.g, opt for gold jewellery if your Hermès’s bag hardware is gold). Your styling opportunities are endless.

Shop Green Hermes Mini Kelly 20cm Bag

How I Styled My Green Hermes mini Kelly bag

I styled it with my red Fendi coat and Stuart Weitzman boots. Read about my full look & view more outfit pics here.

Hermès Pink Mini Kelly: Most Wanted Bag In The World

One of the most popular colours in the Hermès mini Kelly world is pink. It is the embodiment of sophistication, while remaining fun and playful. These bags are utterly adorable and remains No.1 on the wish list of any Hermès handbag lover, myself included.

Derived from the classic Hermès Kelly bag, the mini Kelly was introduced in 1980 and has become a modern day classic that holds all our essentials (like keys and a smart phone), whilst maintaining its petite insouciance.

There is no occasion that the Hermes Pink Mini Kelly isn’t fit for. Whether you’re dressed up for date night with your man or the girls, to a cute picnic in the park with family and friends, or even holidaying in your favourite city, the pink Hermes mini kelly instantly adds that bit of glamour and fun to your life.

The pink Hermès mini Kelly 20cm is one of the rarest Hermès bags you could possibly find. Spotted on the hands of internet-made billionaires, A-List celebrities, fashion bloggers and more, the selling point of this particular bag is it’s adorable colour, it’s chic playfulness and it’s unattainability.

The pink Hermès mini Kelly is available in a wide range of colours.

Some colours include: ‘lipstick pink’ (as pictured with Kylie above), ‘magnolia pink’ which is more of a deep, darker pink, ‘bubblegum pink’ also known as ‘5P pink’ in the Hermès language.

It is without doubt, super rare, and we have picked out some of the best ones for you to shop below from trusted luxury retailers like FashionPile. Additionally, other pink colours include ‘rose confetti sanguine’ which is very similar to the lipstick pink.

If you decided to opt for the pink Mini Kelly, the hardwares options available is a silver palladium hardware, or a gold hardware.

Shop Pink Hermes Mini Kelly 20cm

A Very Therapeutic Pink Hermes mini Kelly Unboxing

Shop Blue Hermes Mini Kelly

Shop blue mini kelly, including other variations like purple and turquoise mini kelly.

via. Tamara Kalinic

Shop black Hermès Mini Kelly 20cm Bag

Shop brown Hermès Mini Kelly 20cm Bag

Hermes Croc Skin Mini Kelly 20cm

Shop Exotic Leather Hermes Mini Kelly bags

Additionally, here are some more exotic leather Hermes Mini Kelly bags from trusted retailers

Shop two-toned Hermès Mini Kelly bags

Hermes mini kelly price 2022

As of 2021, Hermes Mini Kelly price is $8,150 in the US, and £6,159 in the United Kingdom. The demand for these bags keep growing and the price keeps increasing each year.

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    1. These Hermès mini Kelly’s are sooo cute! I’m sold on the 5P pink version as my closet is quite colourful & this variation of pink tops off my looks effortlessly. Just purchased mine and can’t wait to receive it! Beautiful blog!


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