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Hermes kelly 28cm

It is no secret that Hermès Kelly 28cm bags are highly sought after, in the Hermès bag world. These classic bags have been spotted on the hands of internet-made billionaires, celebrities, fashion bloggers, and many more. Thankfully, we have picked the best online resale stores for you to buy an Hermes Kelly bag.

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What makes the Hermes Kelly 28cm bag so special?

Born in 1837, initially the brand made a name for itself in equestrian accessories before diversifying its ranges to embrace leather goods, accessories, jewellery and ready-to-wear. Hermès has played its hand brilliantly thanks mainly to the irreproachable quality of its confection techniques.

The brand manages to carry off an exquisitely subtle blend of modernity and tradition, a throwback to the origins of the House of Hermès. Today, if there is one design which attracts huge levels of attention in the world of fashion, it is the impossibly famous Kelly bag.

Hermes kelly 28cm

The Hermès Kelly bag is the bag of dreams for women everywhere. It first came out in 1892 and was revisited in 1935. The new version was smaller in size and boasted more feminine curves. The design met with resounding success.

The epic saga of the design came to a decisive crossroads in the year 1958. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, as she exited an airplane, used that very bag to attempt to hide her pregnant belly.

It was soon renamed the Kelly and went on to become a symbol of inaccessible, highly-coveted luxury. In response to the needs and desires of women everywhere, a mini version of the Kelly design was eventually launched. It thus transformed into a more practical compact bag, which could be worn across the body.

Hermes Kelly 28cm Price

The Hermes Kelly 28cm boasts at £7,500 in 2021, which is $10,080 in United States. As these bags keep their value, they can also be found in top online luxury retailers like Farfetch, FashionPile and many more.

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Hermes kelly 28cm street style

Hermes Kelly 28cm bag price 2021

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