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My Pink Eyeshadow Look: Here’s All The Products I Used

Hi guys, today I’m going to share the products I used to create this makeup look.

I had been invited to a beauty event at Harvey Nichols in the evening, and while I didn’t have anything else scheduled today, I decided to start my makeup look early, allowing me to experiment and test out different outfit ideas.

With all that extra time, it allowed my ‘makeup creativity’ to flow. Anybody else makeup turn out great when they feel less under pressure? Because I could personally attest to that today.

While Drake’s scorpion album was playing in the background, I had prepped my face ready for the application.

To prep, I use my The Ordinary Niacimamide serum which helps to smoothen the surface of my dark circles and any other discolouration I might have on my face. As it was an evening event and the sun wouldn’t be as potent, I wore a tiny bit of sunscreen right after my serum.

Then I moisturised my face with my infamous, CeraVe moisturising cream, which is the best moisturiser out there, if I do say so myself. I mean, I’ve tried and test various types of moisturisers, and none comes close to this CeraVe product. It’s godsend.

SHOP: CeraVe Moisturising cream, £12.80

Next, I primed my face with my Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Instant Retouch Primer, a very good primer that goes along well with Fenty Beauty products. I find that when I use this primer, my makeup does a good job at staying on all day, I’m talking ‘do my makeup at 8am and come back home at 9pm still looking fresh‘ good.

Primer used:

SHOP: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, £24

After priming my skin, I went in with my Fenty Beauty pro’filtr soft matte foundation, applying 4 pumps to my face, letting it sit for 10 seconds, then I blended it out using my Fenty Beauty foundation blending brush, and neatened the job with my Fenty Beauty makeup sponge.

I find that the Fenty Beauty sponge has such a nice carving to it, and a silky softness that really blends your product out beautifully. I think I personally prefer it to the original beauty blender or real techniques sponge, which I’ve both used in the past.

Foundation used:

SHOP: Fenty Beauty Pro’Filtr Soft Matte Foundation: (shade 390), £22.50

Next, I highlighted my face with my Fenty Beauty pro filtr concealer, using 2 shades. 370 to start with, on the edges of my eye. Then for a brighter under eye, I used a ‘dot’, a very minimal amount of the shade 350. A little usually goes a long way with these products. I waited a minute, before blending out the concealer, because when I blend immediately, I find that it lifts off the product.

Concealer & contour used:

SHOP: Fenty Beauty pro filt’r concealer, £19

Next, I contoured my face using the shade ‘Espresso’ in the Fenty Beauty match six trio. This product is incredible! I usually warm it up in my hand, the way Rihanna does it, by rubbing a little on the back of my hand, then draw a small line on the outline of my cheekbones. I then blend with my morphe blush blending brush.

SHOP: Fenty Beauty ‘espresso’ contour stick, £21

After the application of my foundation, highlighter and contour, I then set my face with my Laura Mercier translucent powder. I use a Dior powder puff to blend my powder and it gives an absolutely flawless finish, a technique I learnt from Wayne Goss, a brilliant makeup Youtuber.

What technique do you guys prefer when setting your translucent powder, do you prefer using a beauty blender or a powder puff? Let me know in the comments below!

SHOP: Laura Mercier ‘honey’ translucent powder, £32

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