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How I Styled My Chanel Coat & Gold Boots

One of the best things happened to me on my mornings strolls on the streets of London. I stumbled across a vintage designer store, and like a moth to a flame, I found myself inside the store, browsing around.

There was a vintage Chanel section which piqued my interest. It boasted a collection of beautiful, classic, vintage Chanel pieces.

Each standalone piece was iconic, from the bags, to the shoes, belts and accessories, and the coats. Is this Chanel heaven? I asked myself, as not even the Chanel section at Harrods made me drool like this. This vintage store displayed iconic Chanel pieces with so much story behind them.

Something in particular caught my eye. I walked towards the shoe section and stumbled across gold Chanel leather boots with the most intricately bedazzling embellishments on the heel. It was lined up with pearls and had the softest leather I have ever touched. My face lit with excitement. My pupils widened with adoration.

For a second, as much as I was stunned by this gorgeous boot, I remembered that I never seem to have luck with shoes at vintage shops as they never have my size – which is quite a common shoe size for a woman – but that was not the case on this faithful Friday.

The Chanel gold boots I was holding in my hand were exactly in my size and it was the only one at the store. I asked to try them on and the kind store assistant told me how “major” they looked on me, enlightening me with the story behind these boots.

“It was one of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs in 2019 with an Egyptian theme”, she said. I have always had adoration for Karl Lagerfeld’s incredible work at Chanel – may he rest peacefully as an icon.

We engaged in a conversation about the Chanel Pre-Fall 2019 show where models were dressed in predominantly gold ready-to-wear pieces that scream: “expensive” in every way, shape and form. Oh, and they were wearing gold Chanel boots.

Chanel gold boots

I gave the store assistant an affirmative look and without even having to say anything, it’s almost as if she read my mind. “I’ll bag them up for you”. I was ready to spend all my hard-earned-blogging money on these Chanel gold boots as I knew I was going to photograph and write about them as soon as I got home.

The boots are the ultimate statement boots that can quite literally, stop traffic.

Chanel gold boots

I paired my look with my Chanel wool coat from Chanel Pre-Fall 2020 Collection I purchased in 2020, during autumn season from a Chanel boutique in London.

A year later, this classic coat is unbeatable and pairs nicely with almost anything in my closet. A true embodiment of a Chanel piece is its classicism and timelessness, knowing that it is a piece you will invest in that you can wear with anything, many years to come.

Additionally, I completed my look with my Chanel classic flap bag, which you can watch me unbox here.

Get The Look

Chanel gold boots

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