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My Honest Review On The Bottega Veneta Pink Mini Pouch Bag

My honest review, what it fits, how to style it and many more!

Today, I’m going to share my recent purchase with you: the Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch bag, whilst giving my honest review.

This summer (2021) I had burning desire to own bright, colourful small bags. I mean, the summer season always creates the perfect opportunity for vibrant mini bags, you know? Especially bags that aren’t too overbearing, but rather, a little accessory that instantly transforms your outfits into something fun and easy to wear.

My summer mostly consisted of beach getaways, lots of late night dinners at vibrant restaurants and bars, summer parties, and not to talk of the heatwave we had over here in the UK. All I wanted next to me was a cute, colourful small bag that I can throw on and dance the night away.

Bottega Veneta is without a doubt, my go to brand for fun bags with a beautiful blend of playfulness and sophistication, not to mention, practicality… well, kind of. I had already purchased a big pouch from Bottega years ago, so I wanted to see what it was like to own a small version of that effortless beauty.

So, along the summer months, I ended up purchasing 3 Bottega bags: a pink, neon green and gold Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag.

The Bottega Trio.

My summer was completed. The first Bottega pouch I purchased was the pink. Let’s dive into the details.

bottega veneta mini pouch review
Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch

This bag is made from the softest leather I’ve ever encountered in a bag. I wish I was kidding. The soft buttery leather on this bag makes you want to absolutely protect it because of how delicate it is, but the pink vibrant colour makes you want to wear it all the time because of how beautiful it is.

It’s the type of bag that instantly elevates your mood. It comes with Bottega cards, Bottega dustbag and box.

Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch

What fits in the Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag?

In my Bottega Veneta mini pouch bag, I can fit my iPhone 12 Pro max, which is a relatively big phone that measures 16cm long, and 7.5cm wide. It also fits my AirPods, Fenty Beauty lipgloss, and Fenty Beauty invisimatte blotting powder. Additionally, I could also slide a card or coin purse in here, but these days I mostly pay with my phone.

Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch 
What fits inside Bottega Veneta pouch review

Because of how long my phone is, I decided to place my phone in a slanting position, which allows for more room due to the fact I am placing other compact items. So, it ended up looking like this. Although it’s not pictured, I was also able to throw in my keys into the bag. It closed comfortably.

Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch

Hold up. I’m missing something…

My sanitiser. We’re still in pandemic times, so this is still a bag essential for me.

Bottega Veneta mini pouch pink

I’ve got a total of 5 things in my Bottega Veneta mini pouch now: my iPhone 12 Pro max, AirPods, Fenty Beauty blotting powder and a lipgloss, and hand sanitiser. After arranging my essentials in my bag in a uniform and slanted position, I attempted to close the bag, and it closed with ease.

Bottega Veneta mini pouch

Here is what the bag looks like, full vs empty, in side by side comparison.

As I’m such a fan of Bottega bags, I’ve become quite the avid collector of their pouches. I purchased the Bottega Veneta brown pouch in 2019, which I’m still currently rocking, and here is a side by side, size comparison of the Bottega Veneta big pouch vs my small pouch.

Bottega Veneta mini pouch
Tap on gif to play.
Bottega Veneta mini pouch

The brown Bottega Veneta pouch measures 37cm width by 17cm width by 18cm depth.

The pink Bottega Veneta mini pouch measures 18cm width by 11cm height by 5cm depth.

Get The Look

SHOP: Bottega Veneta pink mini pouch bag, £1,250

SHOP: Bottega Veneta brown leather pouch, £2,090

A Pop Of Colour

Spice up your life with a pop of colour. What better bags to do that than the Bottega mini pouches? These bags are small but mighty, fitting a considerable amount like your essentials (phone, wallet, keys, makeup), and then some. The mini pouches comes in a variety of over 20 colours, that can be worn in any season: whether it’s fall, spring, or summer. Here are some bestselling colours we have picked out for you to shop today.

Ready, set, shop!

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