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Mark My Words – These Are The Best Clothes To Buy On H&M Right Now

Trust one of our favourite high street stores to release some of the most coveted pieces of this autumn – here are the best clothes to buy on H&M right now.

Shop Best Items To Buy On H&M 2021

1. H&M Ribbed knit co-ords

SHOP: Ribbed khaki trousers, £34.99

SHOP: H&M ribbed cropped top, £17.99

SHOP: H&M Polo neck ribbed dress, £39.99

How To Style It:

Start off with H&M ribbed crop top, paired with the H&M knit trousers. For an extra layer of warmth, throw on the H&M zip up dress, which can also be worn as a light sweater. Complete your look with a teddy coat, like this cream version from Max Mara, pictured above. For teddy coats that look like Max Mara from just £20, click here. Throw on a pair of white sneakers, like this pair from New Balance. Opt for a shoulder bag, like this bestselling YSL bag. Accent your look with a gold ring.

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SHOP: H&M cream rib knit dress, £19.99

SHOP: H&M cream ribbed trousers, £17.99

SHOP: H&M merino wool jumper, £49.99

SHOP: H&M merino wool trousers, £49.99

How To Style It:

Style tip:

Start off with the basics: a white tank top, then throw on your H&M merino wool jumper, match it with the merino wool trousers. Throw on a H&M wool jacket, or any jacket in a similar colour-way (like camel brown). Throw on a H&M cashmere scarf for an extra cover up. Pair your look with smart loafers, like this pair from Prada, or this similar high street version. Throw on a bag with a similar colour-way, like this Bottega cassette bag, or this high street dupe version. Accent your look with gold-tone jewellery and you’re good to go.

Get The Look

Tilly Sveaas 18kt gold-plated hoop earrings


Buy from here
H&M cashmere scarf


Buy from here
White tank top


Buy from here
H&M Merino wool jumper


Buy from here
H&M wool coat


Buy from here
H&M merino wool trousers


Buy from here
Bottega Veneta Cassette bag


Buy from here
Prada leather loafers


Buy from here
  1. Tilly Sveaas 18kt gold-plated hoop earrings
  2. H&M cashmere scarf
  3. White tank top
  4. H&M Merino wool jumper
  5. H&M wool coat
  6. H&M merino wool trousers
  7. Bottega Veneta Cassette bag
  8. Prada leather loafers

SHOP: H&M Down jacket, £99.99

SHOP: H&M navy merino wool jumper, £49.99

SHOP: H&M navy merino wool trousers, £49.99

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