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Airport Outfit Style: What I’m Wearing To Paris

My alarm rung this morning and I was grateful for the new day, as I realised what day it was. “Today is the day I’ll be going to paris for the first time”, the surreal thought finally dawned on me.

I had previously been France when I was 15, on a school trip, to visit War ruins. Not exactly glamorous Parisian fun, but we managed to stay at a Victorian castle hotel in Nice, which I thought was quite amazing. But Nice was the closest I had ever been to Paris (or probably not).

I said a very big prayer to God, as these days, life has been throwing blessings upon blessings my way. This time last year, that was not the case as I was still struggling to find my purpose in the world. These days, I exude confidence that never in a million years I would imagine I could have, I run 4 blogs and 1 e-commerce store, which has transformed my life, especially financial freedom and I am able to travel to places I’ve always dreamed of.

I got ready in less than 30 minutes. I threw on my Gucci print t-shirt, ZARA 90s ripped jeans, and my favourite, comfortiest sneakers at the moment: New Balance 530 sneakers. I completely my look with a casual vintage leather jacket.

For my birthday, I got myself an Hermes bamboo birkin in 30cm, with gold hardware. It always has to be gold hardware. This birthday gift to myself was quite a personal one as this is my first designer bag I’ve bought myself this year. Months of saving and handwork, and I finally made it happen. You can always find more on my Hermes purchases here. 

Minutes of cool breeze and a 90s playlist later, we arrived at the airport. I’ll be heading to Paris with my family and 2 of my friends. We boarded our luggage, and safely boarded our train.

We arrived in Paris less than two hours later and checked into our hotel. I was greeted by a parisian balcony in my hotel, boast a gorgeous view of the local parisian streets. I can’t wait to unpack and share more of my Parisian experience with you all. Till we speak again

With love from Paris, Benita Elmedia 💌

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